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The Lotus Retreat provides a variety of massages bringing harmony and health to mind, body and spirit


Holistic massage is a deeply relaxing treatment that brings harmony and health to mind, body and spirit. Massage allows you to enter a deeply restorative state, thereby refreshing the mind, cleansing and energising the body and releasing tension held on both and an emotional level. Depending on your unique needs, your therapist will use a combination of techniques from their skill-set including deep tissue, energy work, Ayurveda, acupressure and remedial massage.

Your first session will start with a detailed consultation that will enable your therapist to adapt the massage to your individual needs. Our therapists' wide holistic tool-boxes include Tibetan massage, reflexology, acupressure, singing bowl therapy and Reiki.


Carrie Rossiter (holistic massage)

Carrie has 15 years experience in the field of massage and has trained in both London and India. Her massages are deeply restorative and highly therapeutic. 

For bookings please contact Carrie by email or by phone on 07940 542181.

Sally Newton (holistic massage)

Sally trained with The Lotus School of Holistic Therapies and is passionate about the benefits of massage and other holistic therapies in restoring and balancing our natural systems. Her treatments are highly nurturing and are balanced according to your individual needs. 

For bookings, please contact Sally by email or by phone on 07984 920013.


Isolde Stammers (holistic massage)

For a number of years I have looked into alternative ways to address disorder or illness with alternative therapy such as Shiatsu, and Homeopathy. This led me to discover Reflexology, Reiki and Holistic Massage. I was impressed with these therapies and went on to study to become a practitioner. Now qualified, I wish to help others achieve a better understanding of health in a whole way, looking at the relationship between body and mind for that individual. I get a great deal of satisfaction from my practice of Reflexology, Reiki and Holistic Massage, and my clients’ positive results that can be sometimes life-changing.

I was born and brought up in London, and gained a BA in Comparative Literature at The American University of Paris and University College London. I study painting and drawing, and write poetry. My artwork will be exhibited at Oxford Artweeks in May. I live with my husband and our two sons in Oxfordshire.

For bookings, please contact Isolde by email or by phone on 07767 345858.

Isolde Stammers.jpg

Monika Becker BSYA (Cur Hyp) (Kin) (bruess massage)

Born in Munich, Monika moved to England in 2002. Monika's German professional qualification is as a 'heilpraktikerin' - a highly respected form of natural 'holistic practitioner' whose training involved three years of medical study combined with in depth study in various alternative therapies.

Monika practices 'breuss massage' - a powerful form of massage developed in Germany. This deeply detoxifies on both a physical and emotional level. Silk paper is used in combination with infused oils to draw out impurities. This treatment is 45 minutes long.

As well as being a highly experienced masseur, Monika is qualified in acupuncture, Reiki, and Dorn therapy - a gentle form of chiropractic.     

For bookings, please contact Monika by email or by phone on 07742 982757. 

Rachel Searle

Rachel is new to Faringdon and excited to be offering treatments at the Lotus Retreat, on Thursday evenings (with other availability throughout the week).

In 2014, Rachel completed her two year Diploma of Massage Therapy in Canada and has enjoyed working in a clinical environment, as well as luxurious spas and hotels in Europe and England.

Rachel incorporates Relaxation Massage with Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue work, Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, as well as more subtle techniques, like Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Combining these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage, in relieving tension throughout the body from everyday use, or pain from injuries.

Please visit her website for more details of the treatments she offers:

Monika Brewer.png

Treatment price

45 minute breuss massage £40.00

1 hour holistic massage £45.00
1.5 hours holistic massage £65.00